An Indiana Romance

Heart of Indiana is a pure love story set on an Indiana farm at the end of summer. The corn is tall, lush, and green. And as the sun sets, it paints the sky with shades of violet and gold. The immaculate farm is owned by Eugenia, a gutsy widow who recently suffered a stroke. Paralyzed, she has been left in the hands of Bernadette, a dedicated caregiver with untapped culinary genius. Bernadette soon discovers another presence on the farm, Shane, Eugenia’s loyal farmhand whose constant smile is complicated by echoes of pain and loss in his past. As Shane and Bernadette work alongside one another, a life of love and passion comes within reach for the first time in their lives.

Heart of Indiana was inspired by Indiana itself. Its script writer, Christopher J. Boghosian, has spent much time in the state, where his wife’s family still lives. The towns of Wabash and Warsaw have particularly inspired Christopher. With original brick buildings and mom-and-pop shops, their historic downtown districts quickly caught Christopher’s eye. Additionally, the vibrant farmland surrounding both towns, with endless rows of corn and picturesque red barns, took his breath away, compelling him to write a script set in the region.

The people of Indiana were an even greater inspiration for Christopher: farmers who tenaciously brave the elements year in, year out, parents who balance traditional values with modern trends, and volunteer firefighters who selflessly risk their lives without hesitation. More than anything, Heart of Indiana is a tribute to the immensely complex and remarkable people of rural Indiana.

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